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Thread Real Estate - Entry Only Flat Fee MLS Listing Program

Thread Real Estate LLC - Entry Only Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

Entry Only Flat Fee MLS Listing Program - List on MLS for $349

Entry Only Flat Fee MLS Listing Sign Up Portal

If you are looking to list your home using an
Entry Only Flat Fee MLS listing
service, you have come to the right place

Contact us below to get started.

office: 617.273.0909
fax: 617.395.2626

Steps to Signing up

  1. Email info@MarketOnMLS.com.
  2. Complete the listing details.
  3. Email photos (photos@MarketOnMLS.com) to Thread Real Estate.

About the Entry Only Flat Fee program

Thread Real Estate provides a flat fee entry only mls listing program.This program is designed for the For Sale by Owner sellers (FSBO) looking for maximum marketing exposure of their property.

Highlights of this program include: Example Listings

MLS is the Most Powerful Tool for Selling Homes

How the MLS Works for For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Sellers

What is provided in this program?

  1. Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a Realtor-based listing database
  2. Color Photo Flyer in PDF Format
  3. Comparative Market Analysis
  4. Legal forms
    • Offer to Purchase
    • Offer Contingencies
    • Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification
    • Standard Purchase & Sales Agreement
    • Home Inspectors - Fact for Consumers
    • Condominium Documents Addendum
  5. Unlimited Changes to MLS - Listing Seller can make changes to original listing (e.g. price changes, text changes, etc.) free of charge.
  6. Unlimited Open House notifications - Seller can add open house indications to the listing on MLS free of charge.
  7. Thread Real Estate provides the Seller's phone number as a main point of contact. A Realtor will call the Seller to schedule an appointment to show the property. The Realtor will then show the property at the scheduled time and contact the Seller if the Buyer has any questions or wishes to make an offer. Should the Seller choose to accept an offer from that Buyer, the Seller pays the commission amount (at closing). If the Seller accepts an offer from a buyer without a Realtor, the Seller does not pay any commission. The Seller is not required to accept any offers. The Seller is free to advertise his/her property in newspapers, other places, and hold open houses if he/she wishes.
  8. Mortgage brokers available to offer services to all your potential buyers with same day approval.
  9. Extensive home services network (e.g. attorneys, home inspectors, lead paint inspectors, etc.)

Optional Services

Perhaps you may need additional help getting your property sold. These a-la-carte services are available upon request provided if you are on the flat fee program. All fees are paid up front.

Sales Consulting Need help with the sales process or advice in general? Have the comfort of experienced agents negotiate and followthrough on a sale for you. $500 (email/phone only) or $1500 (personal visits), for length of contract
Open House Employ an agent on an hourly basis to run open houses. $75-$150/hr, depending on location, min 2 hrs
One-time Consulting sessions 1-to-1 personal sessions to gain insight on selling your home. $100-$150/hr, depending on location


  1. What is MLS?
    • MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the most comprehensive computerized database of homes for sale with over 1.5 million listings nationwide. This database is used by Realtors to market and promote their own listings and to cooperate with other Realtors. Realtors, in turn, are compensated with part of the commission. The majority of real estate transactions are a result of direct MLS exposure. As members of the MLS, Thread Real Estate is making this "prized possession" available to home Sellers for a fraction of the cost! By having your home in MLS, it will be exposed to thousands of local real estate agents who otherwise would not have known that your property was for sale and would not have shown it.

  2. How long will my listing be displayed?
    • The listing will expire 1 year from the date of the payment received.

  3. Will other Realtors show my home to their prospects?
    • Yes. Since a commission is being offered on the MLS, Realtors will show your home. The Realtor is getting the same amount of commission that a full service Realtor would be offering to bring a buyer.

      Example: Breaking down a 6% commission, usally the Listing Broker gets 3-4% and the Buyers Broker gets the rest. Since Thread Real Estate is the listing broker and only charges a flat fee instead of 3-4%, you will end up paying only the Buyers' Broker a commission (e.g. 2%).

  4. May the Seller define the Buyers' broker's commission rate?
    • Yes, the Seller defines the comission rate. The suggested rates are 2% or 2.5% of sale price.

  5. In what situation is the Seller obligated to pay commission?
    • The Seller pays a commission only if a licensed agent brings the Buyer to the home through a showing, the Buyer submits an offer with the assistance of a licensed agent, or if the Buyer has an exclusive Buyer's representation agreement with a licensed agent.

  6. May the Buyer contact the Seller directly after a Realtor shows the home to him/her?
    • Yes; however, the Seller is still obligated to pay a commission to the Realtor who showed the home.

  7. If the Seller receives 2 offers, 1 from a Realtor-assisted Buyer and 1 not, must the Seller accept the offer from the Realtor-assisted buyer?
    • No, the Seller can accept or reject any offer from anyone.

  8. May the Seller continue to advertise as a FSBO?
    • Yes, the Seller is free to advertise (e.g. newspapers), hold open houses, and/or do anything that he/she wants to help sell his/her home.

  9. By participating in this program, does the Seller enter into an exclusive listing agreement with Thread Real Estate?
    • Yes, the Seller enters into an exclusive Facilitation listing agreement with Thread Real Estate.

  10. What are the rules regarding cancellation of listing agreement?
    • The Seller may void the listing agreement at any time with the exception of during the time that an offer is being procured, negotiated or agreed upon.

  11. What type of rules must the Seller abide by when selling through this program?

  12. Who is eligible for this program?
    • Anyone who has a home to sell in Massachusetts that is not currently listed in MLS. Thread Real Estate reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any listing.

  13. Can I have my direct contact information show on the MLS listing or other Partner sites?
    • The seller's primary phone number will be put in a designated location where Agents can view and obtain contact information for property viewings; however this phone number is not available publicly.

  14. Do MLS "partner" sites show all data entered into MLS?
    • Not necessarily. MLS "partner" sites display data at their discretion. Thread Real Estate does not guarantee the reliability or presentation of the data on any MLS "Partner" sites.

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